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World’s first baby named after an open movie character

2013-12-07 19:46:31
Now this is an achievement! When characters go beyond the screen right inside our lives. This blog post is not about the movie itself, is about a new little person… Welcome to the world, Xareni Sintel Ordonez!   Some days ago, Daniel Ordonez (a Mexican Blenderhead living in Chicago), sent me an email. But this […]

Sintel 4k, DCP and .mov file

2011-12-17 02:38:41
Jonathan Jensen created a 4k (4096 wide) DCP package; the digital standard for cinema: http://blender-mirror.kino3d.org/DCPs/ Thanks to Gianluca “Kino3d” Faletti for hosting it! (27 GB) There’s also a 4k UltraHD (3840 wide) H264 encoded version available now: http://download.blender.org/durian/movies/ (NOTE: Posting comments now has been disabled for this website).

Jan Morgenstern wins two Jerry Goldsmith awards

2011-07-23 19:11:40
Both the Sintel score and the Sintel credit song “I move On” have won the Jerry Goldsmith Award at the prestigious International Film Music Festival. Here’s the announcement on the official web with pictures. Great milestone for composer Jan Morgenstern and lyrics writer Esther Wouda, for the entire team, for open source movies and Creative […]

Sintel blu-ray .iso download

2011-07-14 23:34:54
Here you can find an updated (fixed!) Blu-ray .iso. Special thanks to Mathias Linden for the service! http://download.blender.org/durian/movies/

Sintel full studio svn online

2011-07-09 23:07:16
As requested by Tim Chen, a Taiwan University researcher who created a great non-linear image revision system with a GIMP prototype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBL1cVzIQik the full studio svn database for Sintel has been put online as well. Tim needs this data to investigate how a studio workflow for CG animation film goes in practice, and to check […]

Jan Morgenstern nominated for Goldsmith awards

2011-06-17 21:25:04
Both the Sintel score and the Sintel credit song “I move On” have been nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Award at the prestigious International Film Music Festival: http://festival.bsospirit.com/index.php/en/news/100-festival-07/265-vi-premios-jerry-goldsmith-los-nominados Great milestone for Jan Morgenstern, for the team and of course everyone who helped making Sintel possible! The festival awards will be announced July 22nd. Stay tuned, […]

Production updates

2011-06-10 20:17:21
Lots of things keep happening all the time with Sintel and the crew! Here’s a list of bullet points with highlights. Sintel selected for Siggraph Animation Festival. Out of over 1000 submissions, 60 entries were honoured. It’s for our open movie projects a first timer, both ED and BBB didn’t make it… 🙂 Blender Foundation […]

Sintel at SIFF, with Colin, Nathan, and Ian Hubert

2011-06-03 16:05:56
Sintel was in the Seattle International Film Festival. This was quite convenient for me, since I live in Seattle, but not so convenient for Colin who lives on the other side of the USA. Despite that inconvenience, he still flew across the country to visit and attend SIFF. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, […]

Sintel ‘Lite’ – 2.57b Update

2011-05-10 04:25:26
Download here: http://www.blendswap.com/3D-models/characters/sintel-lite-2-57b/ Hi all, The file pretty much speaks for itself given the previous Sintel Lite post. Beorn should probably get more of the credit for this one seeing as he chased the script changes down this time and a glitch of some sort with the proxy head mesh. On my part, I updated […]

Sintel at Seattle International Film Festival

2011-04-20 18:29:22
Look, we even received a Laurel! 🙂 The cinema where Sintel screens has digital 4k projection, I’m working with them getting this formatted right and delivered. Would be a real world premiere then too. May 19 – June 12, 2011 http://www.siff.net/